THANKING - POEM Dear Sr. Superior and the Community,
Ten feet trotted hurriedly to carry their lamps, Each from different directions to tent their camps, ‘The bride-groom is coming,’ let us await a month, Lest our hearts within form rust, all eaten up by moth, INK said, ‘Come soon, for our places are ready’, INC affirmed, ‘Sure, travelling long will make us steady’, INT exclaimed, ‘We are like Peter and John’, INM assured, ‘Though single, yet am ready to be re-born’.
It’s a privilege given to us, to experience everyone’s guidance, For renewing of faith journey with this First Phase allowance, Sessions, contextualized prayer moments, talks, goodnight, All these were the guidelines to reach, Christ the radiant light, But you, O Sisters have indeed dealt the content, Of inspiring us to be a happy religious with the power of accompaniment, Rooted in the Covenant, Ongoing Formation with regard to Second Novitiate, Constitutions, Plan of Formation, too, enchanted with reflections increased our rate.
You pou…


“I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with loving kindness I have drawn thee”
– JEREMIAH 31:3 
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul cannot reach. I love thee, but thee with a love that shall not die till the sun grows cold and the stars grow old. My soul was restless, my spirit imbued with dryness, my greenish folio’s verge started to turn yellow in due season and thus, my feet trotted in spots and my eyes unveiled in eagerness to relentlessly seek out an ardent lover of the Master, to discover the beauty of a remarkably transformed life. I wanted something new, oh; something like chalk and cheese in my life like every other human being aspires always. 
I searched in vain unless a gushing spirit invaded me and made me realize, “Why do you search for me in others, when I am present fully in you?” You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. Masking the self-confidence within myself, I worked to banish them by illumining it in th…

Get A Transfer

I really had no clue where i will be transferred
But when I got a mail I knew where I will be going
It is a beautiful place where I will be among senior people
I realized need to put all my knowledge learnt these years

I always knew that I was loved
By deeds, hugs or a smile
I am quite excited to go to the new place
And convey what I have learnt

So now I need to say lovely goodbye
To my present community
Who will have a special place in my heart
Which I will always cherish
Now this new transfer will bring me a fresh start
With a beginning of  new adventure
And impacting a new vigor in the mind
Also arriving with a sense of possibility !!!

             By Sr. Neha

On a Spiritual Retreat >>>

Too often, in day to day life
we’re overloaded with distractions 
Want to live life closer to God's will But can't hear the voice of God
So now I am on a Spiritual Retreat
Getting reacquainted with God,
Rekindle relationship with Christ
Deepen friendship with Him
Spiritual Retreat is a time when I am away from my daily routine No cell phone, no social media!! 
This gives me strength and joy
And this brings closeness towards Blessed mother.

Retreat setting is an atmosphere of silence
Where we spend time in silent conversation
And participate in Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament
Mostly a retreat is all about seeking, finding and loving Christ By Sr. Neha

Heavenly Memories>>>

After two years, I had my vacation of ten days, I travelled to my granny's house with so much Ecstasy
My mom was already there in Kanyakumari
Visiting my grandma's house was fun.
But the weather killed me, as it had scorching heat  And during daytime can't even go out, I spent quality time with my family.
Grandma was constantly worrying  if I had enough to eat  and if my cloths needed to be washed. 
I told her not to worry about me, that I was fine but she wouldn’t believe me
 Also met my auntie and relatives We even laughed at the things they remembered me doing when I was little.

The second part was to go to my mom's place in Bangalore.  Here too i met my mom's friends and enjoyed. I continued by waking up at six in the morning which kept me active the whole day.  Walking to the Infant Jesus Church close-by energized me with God.

Now my trip has come to an end and tomorrow I travel back to my community Thank you God for preserving me safe her in a beautiful paradise, A…

LIGHT plays up!!!

Light is the life of your portrait, a tool to trigger your best image, Unblinding oneself hope is being able to see in spite of all darkness,
All images give visual pleasure to our physical eyes,
But only a few remain stagnated and evokes our feelings.
I agree with Tagore's words, "Faith is like the bird,
That feels the light when the dawn is still dark"
Unless we understand the photography lighting, we cannot use camera,
And not create an unique identity identifiable by others.

Watching sights pass by, innumerable of them day by day,
Can increase our imagination and touch our sense of wonder,
Google, vector or even shutter-stock images charms us sensually,
But the trick of lighting observed and clicked gives LIFE to dead objects.

Everything that enters our life through seeing or passing by, Every colour, every line, every weight, every angle,
It's just a editorial page of the magnificent works of creation,
Rather a manifestation of His love and His light of course>>>


When my mind drains and abstains with thoughts,  Dryness fills me up leaving no work behind,Waiting for some interesting things to happen,
Saw many people in glee and fun spending their vacation,
In tights and casuals on hot summer days, 
Work, work, people are all the time busy of work... Fun for some but bore-some days for many...
The water refreshes the thirsty souls,
Whereas AC soothens the moist and humidity in air, But who could refuse a single cup of tea…
Oh, tell me will you just send it back,
Then get a snack to get refreshed,
I am sure even the top most business man,
Would prefer to get a biscuit with that….  As I ate half a biscuit, I just penned up this BLOG>>>